Other Books by Dave Anderson

 How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK (9781118022375)How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK reveals biblical lessons to help transform the people, culture, and results of your business. Not only will you master timeless business principles based on the world's bestselling book, but you'll also build a foundation for your business that leads to long-term success.
 How to Lead by THE BOOK (9780470936283)How to Lead by THE BOOK presents a series of personal and business challenges recognizable to leaders, then deals with each through insight, personal experience, and a discussion of why conventional approaches often fail.
 TKO Management!: Ten Knockout Strategies for Becoming the Manager Your People Deserve (9780470171776)
 TKO Hiring!: Ten Knockout Strategies for Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Great People (9780470171769)
 TKO Sales!: Ten Knockout Strategies for Selling More of Anything (9780470171783)Dave Anderson's TKO series presents no-nonsense, ...

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