Chapter 34How to Find the Great People You're Looking For!

The Challenge

One of the most persistent questions leaders ask me at seminars is “How and where do I find great people?” The most obvious but overlooked answer to this question is to start with those you have. If you haven't done what is necessary to develop the people already on your team, it is irresponsible to dismiss their potential, discard them, hire new people, and then subject them to the same neglect. Your challenge is to ensure you have the mind-set and disciplines in place to bring out the best in those already on your team. Following is a 10-point checklist to help ensure that you do. The good news is that if you have already started implementing strategies from prior chapters, you will have a head start in many of these areas. Use these 10 points as a review to gauge how much action you have taken in these areas.

Ten-Point People Development Checklist

  1. Set clear performance standards for them. This point should be abundantly clear by now. Quality employees will strive hard to hit your standards if you're clear about what they are in the first place. One of your first responsibilities as a leader is to make it precisely clear what you expect from each team member. If you have not yet identified his or her master the art of execution (MAX) acts, and presented them on personalized success profiles (PSPs), then you should start there.
  2. Make certain they understand your mission and core values. These aspects ...

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