Chapter 35Like is Never Enough!

The Challenge

A common mistake made when hiring is bringing someone on board primarily because the interviewers like him or her, based on their own preferences, stereotypes, or personal biases. Although liking a potential team member is a plus, and can improve chemistry, likability is not an accurate indicator of character or competence. In fact, most of us have seen employees who were once likeable become far less so as we discovered flaws in their behaviors we should have uncovered during the interview process. Although my books TKO Hiring! and Up Your Business! (John Wiley & Sons 2007) address recruiting, interviewing, and hiring in greater depth, I will review a couple of basic premises for getting the people right in this chapter.

Don't Get Emotional!

Hiring experts have long asserted that the number one cause of hiring errors is making emotional decisions during the interview process. If you have ever been caught up in the emotional decision trap, some of the following may sound familiar:

  • Early on in the interview you decide you like someone based on your personal biases or stereotypes, or his or her appearance and personality.
  • At the “I really like this guy” moment, you begin to lose your objectivity and cease to assess the candidate as rigorously.
  • After losing your objectivity you are no longer tough in your assessment of this person and begin looking for a way to include him or her on the team (exaggerating the candidate's strengths ...

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