It's Not the Size of the Data -- It's How You Use It

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Brand tracking, CRM programs, trade shows, online behavior tracking, satisfaction studies. Mounds of marketing metrics are generated across touchpoints and channels. It can be information overload--too much, too scattered. But locked in the vast quantity of information are accurate, data-driven answers to every marketing question. Analytic dashboards are transformative web-based tools that gather, syn the size, and visually display essential data in real time, directly connecting marketing with performance. World renowned marketing expert Koen Pauwels supplies a simple yet rigorous methodology and wealth of case studies to help any size organization, in any industry, turn data into productive action. He explains step by step how to: ● Gain crucial IT support ● Build a rock-solid database ● Select key leading performance indicators ● Design the optimal dashboard layout ● Use marketing analytics to improve decisions and reap rewards Gut decisions are outdated and downright dangerous. Whether you're trying to allocate resources between online and offline marketing, measure the ROI of specific efforts, or scale up a creative campaign, dashboard analytics bring scientific precision and insight to marketing efforts--with far better results.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction: Decisions that Data and Analytics can Inform
  9. Part I: What Marketing Analytics Dashboards can do for You
    1. Chapter 1: Marketing Analytics Dashboards: What, Why, Who, and How
      1. Case Study - The Right Chair #1: Marketing Analytics Gives SMEs a Competitive Advantage
      2. What is a Marketing Analytics Dashboard?
      3. Case Study - Cars: From Begging HQ to Talking Trade-Offs
      4. Why Marketing Analytics Dashboards?
      5. Who Uses Marketing Analytics Dashboards?
      6. How Can a Marketing Analytics Dashboard Help You?
      7. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    2. Chapter 2: Compare the Marketing Analytics Dashboard to your Current Scoring System
      1. Reporting versus Analytics in Dashboards
      2. Marketing Analytics Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards
      3. Case Study - City Performance: From Charlotte's Balanced Scorecard to Atlanta's Dashboard
      4. Decision Support Tools and Marketing Mix Models
      5. Dashboard Building Blocks: Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
      6. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
  10. Part II: Plan your Marketing Analytics Dashboard
    1. Chapter 3: Start with the Vision
      1. Business Strategy Drives the Dashboard
      2. Case Study - Unisys Makes Goal Alignment a Key Priority
      3. How Goal Alignment Increases Performance
      4. Top-Down or Bottom-Up Design?
      5. Communicating Upward: Harnessing Top Management Support
      6. Case Study - Dashboards Empower Middle Management: Discover Financial Services
      7. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    2. Chapter 4: Assemble your Team
      1. Cross-Functional Development Teams
      2. Case Study - Not All Fun and EB Games
      3. Team Management is Ongoing
      4. Sustained Assistance from Top Management
      5. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    3. Chapter 5: Gain It Support on Big and Not-So-Big Data
      1. IT is from Jupiter, and Business is from Mercury
      2. Case Study - Inside and Outside Data at a Multichannel Retailer
      3. Moving IT Closer to Business
      4. Moving Business Closer to IT
      5. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    4. Chapter 6: Build your Database
      1. Planning the Right Database
      2. Building your Database In-House
      3. Case Study - The Right Chair #2: The Longest Journey Starts with the First Database Step
      4. Outsourcing your Database
      5. Testing and Managing your Database
      6. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
  11. Part III: Design your Marketing Analytics Dashboard
    1. Chapter 7: Generate Potential Key Performance Indicators
      1. What could Make or Break your Business?
      2. How to Structure Interviews to Generate KPIs and Structure KPIs into Groups
      3. Case Study - IT Firm Generates and Organizes 150+ Metrics
      4. Shortcuts? Start with the Competition or with Company Objectives
      5. Clarify for All what Each KPI Means
      6. Case Study - The Right Call #1: What is a Qualified Lead?
      7. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    2. Chapter 8: Eliminate to Select Key Leading Performance Indicators
      1. Why not Ask Customers what's Important?
      2. Case Study - First Tennessee Bank Tests its Metrics
      3. Which Indicators Lead Peformance? Granger Casuality in Action
      4. Case Study - From 99 Metrics to 17 LPIs
      5. Which Indicators are Key? Vector Autoregressive Modeling
      6. How KLPIs Improve Insights in Different Industries
      7. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    3. Chapter 9: Include Emerging Channels: KLPIs for Online and Social Media
      1. What is Truly Different Online?
      2. Customer-Initiated Contact Metrics
      3. Capturing Conversation Topic Dynamics in Social Media
      4. Case Study - Fashion Retailer Analyzes the Effects of Social Media
      5. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    4. Chapter 10: Emerging Markets Frontier: Metrics Across Countries
      1. The Need for Standardized, Global Metrics
      2. Consumer Protection Lowers Marketing Responsiveness of Consumer Awareness
      3. Individualism Increases Marketing Responsiveness of Brand Consideration and Liking
      4. Income Increases the Sales Conversion of Brand Liking
      5. Case Study - How Advertising Effects Differ in an Emerging and a Mature Market
      6. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    5. Chapter 11: Design the Layout and Dashboard Prototype
      1. Dashboard Structure: Seven Must-Haves
      2. Data Display on the Dashboard
      3. Data Visualization
      4. Case Study - Data Visualization at Procter & Gamble
      5. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
  12. Part IV: Live your Marketing Analytics Dashboard
    1. Chapter 12: Launch and Renewal of the Marketing Analytics Dashboard
      1. Dashboard Implementation Roadmap
      2. Execution Challenges
      3. Case Study - The Right Call #2: Implementation Challenges
      4. Key Implementation Success Factors
      5. Renewing the Marketing Analystics Dashboard
      6. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    2. Chapter 13: Change your Decision Making: From Interpretation to Action
      1. Adapt the Dashboard Output
      2. Decide on Rules for Setting Marketing Budget and Allocation
      3. Case Study - Online Marketing Effects: Shifting Euros away from Last-Click Misattribution
      4. Addressing Implementation Challenges
      5. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
    3. Chapter 14: Nurture the Culture and Practice of Accountability
      1. Organizational Culture is Crucial to Dashboard Success
      2. Motivating Employees to Use the Dashboard
      3. The Practice of Accountability
      4. How to Support Accountability throughout the Organization
      5. Wrap-Up and Manager's Memo
  13. Conclusion: Call to Action
  14. Notes
  15. Index
  16. About the Author
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Product information

  • Title: It's Not the Size of the Data -- It's How You Use It
  • Author(s): Koen Pauwels
  • Release date: March 2014
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814433966