CHAPTER 9Connect in the right way

A Venn diagram shows choose, connect, and cultivate intersecting each other. The points of intersections are as follows: 
• Choose and connect: Build network
• Connect and cultivate: Create opportunity
• Cultivate and choose: Exchange value

At a recent client meeting, Craig, a senior executive, shared with me that he had decided to take redundancy from his organisation after almost 13 years of service. He was excited at the opportunity to take some time out to reconnect with his family and refuel his energy. His plan?

‘I'll start looking for work again in about six months, I reckon,' he said.

‘Who do you have in your network who can help you?' I asked. ‘Have you thought about what you're going to do between now and then to keep your profile out there?'

‘Oh, I haven't really thought about that, to be honest,' he responded.

What do you think about that strategy? It's not an unusual response, especially when we're a bit tired and need a break. But nurturing your network is an ongoing process. It is not something you switch on when you want something and switch off when it's not needed.

In his book What Got You Here Won't Get You There, Marshall Goldsmith discusses 20 bad habits that stifle success, such as making excuses and passing judgement. He then explains how these habits stand between your current and your next level of achievement. Well, I'm going to add to this list, and say number 21 is sitting on your hands and doing nothing until the time is right.

When we forget to invest the time or energy in managing or nurturing our important relationships, we get lazy, do nothing ...

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