Chapter 21. Ten Ways to Share Content

In This Chapter

  • Sharing content with yourself and other users

  • Sharing content with other people on your network

  • Sharing content on the Web

  • Sharing content by using Send To

  • Using photos from iPhoto

  • Using music from iTunes

  • Using movies from iMovie

  • Using PDF files as images

  • Adding hyperlinks to iWork documents

  • Moving data from other applications into iWork

You don't have to start from scratch every time you create an iWork document. You can build on other documents you've created, and you can build on the templates that are part of iWork. You can also include content that has been created with other applications. iWork and Mac OS X make it easy to reuse your work. This chapter provides you with ten ways to accomplish that goal.

There are two basic ways to share content:

  • Copying content: You can copy content to a flash drive or other place from which you and others can retrieve it.

  • Accessing content: You can provide a mechanism that lets people access the data. You don't copy the data: There is one file, and everyone accesses it. This eliminates problems with data synchronization because there are no copies.

Sharing Content with MobileMe

MobileMe is Apple's subscription-based service that provides email addresses () along with disk storage on Apple's servers. MobileMe is integrated with many features of Mac OS X. For example, your calendars and Address Book entries can be automatically synchronized between your Mac and your iPhone. Your iDisk, which ...

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