Chapter 1

Starting Out with iWork

In This Chapter

arrow Leaving the past behind

arrow Using iWork everywhere

arrow Working in iCloud

arrow Taking advantage of iWork timesavers

W ord-processing and spreadsheet applications are among the most widely used software products on personal computers; presentation software is a close runner-up. Having started from scratch on the hardware side and then the operating system side, people at Apple started dreaming about what they could do if they were to start from scratch to write modern versions of word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. They knew they’d have to follow their recent advertising campaign theme: Think Different.

Freed from supporting older operating systems or from foregoing features that couldn’t be implemented on Windows, they began to dream about how good those programs could be if they could start over.

So they did.

Meanwhile, other folks at Apple were thinking about mobile devices. Considering the fact that cellphones in the early 2000s sported the processor performance and memory capabilities of the computers on which the early ...

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