Chapter 4

Using Text and Text Boxes

In This Chapter

arrow Using text boxes to display text

arrow Working with fonts, alignment, and spacing

arrow Moving beyond text with text boxes

iWork text boxes are objects that you place on a page and that can contain text. They can appear in any iWork app documents. You can use a text box to highlight a small section of text with special formatting. On OS X, you can use a text box to display part of a lengthy run of text that may continue in another text box on the same or another page. Text boxes can also contain objects, such as graphics, shapes, and charts. Their handling of text flow distinguishes them from other objects in iWork.

This chapter shows you the various permutations and uses of text boxes.

Creating a Simple Text Box

The easiest way to start learning about text boxes is to create one and work with it. Experiment with a document that has a good deal of text in it to see the results of inserting a text box and adjusting its settings.

technicalstuff.eps The text box created in this section is actually a floating text box. By default, all text boxes you create are floating ...

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