Chapter 7

Getting to Know Pages

In This Chapter

arrow Working with Pages templates

arrow Setting Pages preferences and settings

arrow Saving and printing documents

arrow Creating your own templates

For each of the three iWork apps, the basic tools described in Part I come into play. For example, although tables and charts in Numbers spreadsheets can be more complex than tables and charts in Pages and Keynote, the basics are the same.

Pages is the word-processing app (and, in fact, it’s two word-processing applications on Mac). This chapter and the others in Part II provide an introduction to the features, tools, and technologies you find in Pages.

remember.eps The basics of Mac OS X as well as of iWork apply to each iWork app, including Pages. For example, there’s nothing special about printing with Pages: It’s the way you print in any Mac OS X or iOS application.

Two Faces of Pages Documents

Pages lets you work with two different types of documents: word-processing documents and page layout documents. This distinction ...

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