Chapter 10

Fine-Tuning Your Pages for Mac Documents

In This Chapter

arrow Formatting text from the format bar

arrow Managing styles

arrow Looking for text

arrow Moving around with thumbnails

This chapter explores some of the Pages tools that improve your productivity and make your documents look better. You might consider some of these tools as advanced features in the sense that you can manage to produce fine Pages documents without using them. But if you think advanced means complicated, you’re wrong. These tools can save you time — sometimes a lot of it — and make your documents easier to read and much, much easier to reuse.

tip.eps Most of the features discussed in this chapter — the format bar, styles drawer, and thumbnails —appear only in Pages for Mac. (They use parts of the window that do not exist on iOS.) Searching for text is available on iOS, but it uses a different interface that is described in this chapter.

Using the Format Bar

One feature of iWork that makes it so easy to use is that you can usually ...

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