Chapter 11

Improving Your Documents with Comments and Track Changes (Mac Only)

In This Chapter

arrow Working with comments

arrow Keeping track of changes

The tools described in this chapter help you improve your documents by using features of iWork as well as comments and suggestions from other people. iWork has a variety of tools that make it easy for people to work together on documents. These tools are available in Numbers and Keynote as well as in Pages on Mac OS. They are not supported on iOS. They have the same overall functionality in all the applications, but they have slightly different interfaces. implements the commenting and track changes functionalities through the web so that multiple people can work on the same documents at the same time. See Chapter 1 for details.

Using Comments

Whether you’re working by yourself or with others, you frequently need to make comments on your work. Sometimes comments are reminders; sometimes they’re questions. For example, Figure 11-1 shows a typical comment questioning whether the date 1600 is the specific year or an approximation. You might leave this comment for yourself or add it to someone else’s document. Either way, you need to deal with the comments.

Figure 11-1: The Comments pane displays comments and links them to highlighted ...

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