Chapter 12

Working with Long Word-Processing Documents (Mac Only)

In This Chapter

arrow Using sections

arrow Formatting columns

arrow Paginating your document

arrow Creating a table of contents

arrow Creating ePub documents with Pages

Your word-processing documents are already set up by Pages with a number of optional features: headers and footers, automatic page numbers, various margin controls, and the ability to create footnotes and to automatically update tables of contents (yes, tables — you can have several tables of contents in one document). These tools are valuable for all your documents, but they are particularly important for large documents.

Large documents — large Numbers spreadsheets and large Keynote presentations as well as large Pages documents — require special handling so that your readers don’t get lost (and so that you don’t get lost as you’re writing the document!). The challenges of a large spreadsheet are different from those of a large presentation or a large word-processing document. ...

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