Chapter 19

Creating a Keynote Presentation

In This Chapter

arrow Getting started with a presentation

arrow Comparing the interfaces in Keynote for Mac and Keynote for iOS

arrow Using themes and master slides

Keynote was the first component of iWork. It was originally written for Steve Jobs to use when he gave presentations at conferences and trade shows, including Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and the Macworld conferences. After these “trials by fire,” Keynote and Pages became the first two components of iWork.

Word-processing programs and page layout programs, such as Microsoft Word and Pages, focus on preparing paper-based documents. They often are viewed on a computer display, but generally they are tied to paper. Spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel and Numbers, have a different pattern. Spreadsheets are sometimes printed; other times, they’re designed for interactivity and what-if analyses in which a person uses the spreadsheet’s ability to rapidly calculate and recalculate data.

Presentation software is a different type of product. It’s really not paper-based like word-processing or page layout software, and it’s not designed for the kind of interactivity provided by a spreadsheet. ...

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