Chapter 20

Presenting a Keynote Presentation

In This Chapter

arrow Using the Presenter Display with Keynote for Mac

arrow Presenting with Keynote for iOS

arrow Controlling your presentation with your iPhone

Unlike Numbers spreadsheets and Pages documents, Keynote presentations aren’t designed to be given to someone to read or study: You’re a key component of your Keynote presentation. Sometimes you prepare a presentation for someone else to use or vice versa. But most of the time, you run the show, stage center. Fortunately, Keynote has a host of tools that make it easy for you to fulfill the dual roles of presentation author and presenter. This chapter gives you an overview of those tools.

Choosing Your Presentation Options

The earliest presentation software tools used the computer monitor to display slides. Often, a second monitor, frequently a projection TV, was connected. Keynote for Mac lets you select your primary display (usually the projection TV) and configure the other one with timers and presenter’s notes.

With iWork, you have another way of working with Keynote for Mac. You can download Keynote Remote, an app for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s available from the App Store in iTunes and currently ...

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