Chapter 21

Improving Your Keynote Presentation

In This Chapter

arrow Adding a personal touch to themes and master slides

arrow Working with motion in movies, transitions, and builds

arrow Using sound

When it comes to Numbers and Pages, you have a variety of choices for sharing your documents. But those choices are insignificant next to the choices for sharing and automating Keynote presentations. This chapter shows you some features you can add to your presentations. Because presentations involve text, images, and a variety of media components, you can export them to any of the movie and DVD formats available on your Mac. You can also share them through the web — using the various iLife apps as well as web-sharing sites, such as YouTube.

In general, the features you can add using Keynote transfer without effort to these other formats and platforms. In this chapter, I show you how to add Keynote features for motion, sound, and automation to your presentation.

Creating Different Types of Presentations

The Keynote themes are interchangeable, and each has certain basic slides that suggest the types of presentations you can create. You can easily fall into a trap of thinking that these presentations ...

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