Chapter 23

Ten Ways to Let iWork for Mac Do the Work for You

In This Chapter

arrow Working with tables on a Pages page or document

arrow Inserting images from a folder into Keynote

arrow Working with Automator

Are you pointing and clicking your way through the tasks at hand? With the Mac OS X automation tools, you can specify what you want to do and then have Mac OS X and apps such as the iWork apps carry out your wishes.

A wide variety of automation tools are available. Some construct scripts using scripting languages found not only in Mac OS X but also in other operating systems. Two of the most important Mac OS X–only tools are AppleScript and Automator. They’re the jumping-off point for this chapter. After you see the basics of AppleScript and Automator, you find specific ways to use them to automate your iWork projects.

AppleScript’s syntax is built into Mac OS X and many applications, including the iWork applications. AppleScript has two major components:

check.png AppleScript Editor: This is the primary application that you use to create scripts for AppleScript. It is within the Utilities folder, which ...

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