A.5. The Standings Class

 // Standings.java package nfl.original; import java.io.*; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import java.util.*; /* Calculates and prints standings for all NFL conferences * and divisions */ public class Standings { // Hold all teams private Teams teams = Teams.getHandle(); public Teams getTeams() {return teams; } public void setTeams(Teams t) {teams = t; } private List teamList; public List getTeamList() {return teamList; } public void setTeamList(List t) {teamList = t; } // Holds all games private static Games games = Games.getHandle(); public static Games getGames() {return games; } public static void setGames(Games g) {games = g; } private List gameList; public List getGameList() {return gameList; } public void setGameList(List ...

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