7.8. Paper and Pencil

7.8.1. Single Sign-on


To illustrate how to add a new Service Provider in a SAML-based Single Sign-on environment.


Netegrity's jSAML Toolkit (http://www.netegrity.com/products/index.cfm?leveltwo=JSAML&levelthree=download) provides a simple Single Sign-on demo environment. This exercise will demonstrate how to add a Foreign Exchange currency exchange service URL (refer to the “Paper and Pencil” exercise in Chapter 3, Web Services Technology Overview, and the demo in Chapter 8, Web Services in Action: Case Study) to the Single Sign-on content provider. It will also be used and referenced in Chapter 8, Web Services in Action: Case Study, as a case study with more details.

Step 1.
Set up jSAML Toolkit Demo ...

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