8.7. Code Customization and Deployment

8.7.1. Environment Set-up

The demo system assumes the installation and configuration of J2SE, JWSDP, TSIK, and jSAML. The environment set-up of these components is recapitulated in Appendix C, Demo Environment Set-up of this book. The demo program files should be installed under C:\opt\myFX, and the jSAML demo program files should be installed under %JWSDP_ HOME%\webapps (something similar to the following figure).

You should have the following directories set up for the demo system (see Figure 8-23):

Figure 8-23. Environment Set-up for Directories
D:\Dev\WSDP with the sub-directories ContentProvider, CreditReports, MMC, OtherCo, SomeCo

After these components ...

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