Appendix D. SOAP RPC/Encoded

Any encoding style can be used with SOAP 1.1, but the SOAP 1.1 Note offers a “standard” encoding style, called SOAP Encoding, which is what most SOAP tool kits support. SOAP Encoding generally is used with the RPC messaging style, in which case it's called RPC/Encoded messaging. RPC/Encoded messaging is not supported by the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 (BP), because it is a major source of interoperability problems. Instead, the BP supports the RPC/Literal and Document/Literal messaging modes. It's likely that you will encounter legacy Web service endpoints that use RPC/Encoded messaging mode. In such cases, this appendix will serve as a useful reference for you.

RPC/Encoded messaging defines rules for serializing programming-language ...

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