Chapter 16. Getting Started with JAXR

Jaxr (Java API for XML Registries) is a client-side API for accessing different kinds of XML-based business registries, but is used predominantly for UDDI and ebXML registries. Actually, the data model of the API closely matches ebXML concepts and terminology, but it still works well for UDDI.

In some respects JAXR is analogous to JDBC. Where JDBC provides a vendor-neutral API for accessing any type of relational database, JAXR provides a vendor-neutral API for accessing any ebXML or UDDI registry. J2EE vendors will provide their own implementations of the JAXR API for accessing ebXML, UDDI, or other types of XML registry systems.

The JAXR API has two conformance levelsLevel 0 and Level 1. Level 1 is a richer ...

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