How to do it...

First, we create a class called AThread that extends Thread and overrides its run() method: 

class AThread extends Thread {  int i1,i2;  AThread(int i1, int i2){    this.i1 = i1;    this.i2 = i2;  }  public void run() {    IntStream.range(i1, i2)             .peek(Chapter07Concurrency::doSomething)             .forEach(System.out::println);  }}

In this example, we want the thread to generate a stream of integers in a certain range. Then, we use the peek() operation to invoke the doSomething() static method of the main class for each stream element in order to make the thread busy for some time. Refer to the following code:

int doSomething(int i){  IntStream.range(i, 100000).asDoubleStream().map(Math::sqrt).average();  return i;}

As you can see, the doSomething() ...

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