How to do it...

The mock of FactoryTraffic may look like the following:

public class FactoryTraffic {  public static List<TrafficUnit> generateTraffic(int     trafficUnitsNumber, Month month, DayOfWeek dayOfWeek,     int hour, String country, String city, String trafficLight){    List<TrafficUnit> tms = new ArrayList();    for (int i = 0; i < trafficUnitsNumber; i++) {      TrafficUnit trafficUnit =         FactoryTraffic.getOneUnit(month, dayOfWeek,  hour, country,                                   city, trafficLight);        tms.add(trafficUnit);    }    return tms;  }}

It assembles a collection of TrafficUnit objects. In a real system, these objects would be created from the rows of the result of some database query, for example. But in our case, we just hardcode the values:

public static TrafficUnit getOneUnit ...

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