How to do it...

In this section of the recipe, we will present methods to create a stream. Each class that implements the Set interface or the List interface has the stream() method and the parallelStream() method, which returns an instance of the Stream interface:

  1. Consider the following examples of stream creation:
List.of("This", "is", "created", "by", "List.of().stream()")                            .stream().forEach(System.out::print);System.out.println();Set.of("This", "is", "created", "by", "Set.of().stream()")                            .stream().forEach(System.out::print);System.out.println();Map.of(1, "This ", 2, "is ", 3, "built ", 4, "by ", 5,                             "Map.of().entrySet().stream()")                 .entrySet().stream().forEach(System.out::print);

We used the fluent style to make the code more compact and ...

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