How to do it...

Let's recall how a user called the lambda-friendly API:

double timeSec = 10.0;int trafficUnitsNumber = 10;SpeedModel speedModel = (t, wp, hp) -> ...;BiConsumer<TrafficUnit, Double> printResults = (tu, sp) -> ...;BiPredicate<TrafficUnit, Double> limitSpeed = (tu, sp) -> ...;Traffic api = new TrafficImpl(Month.APRIL, DayOfWeek.FRIDAY, 17,                               "USA", "Denver", "Main103S");api.speedAfterStart(timeSec, trafficUnitsNumber, speedModel,                     limitSpeed, printResults);

As we have already noticed, such an API may not cover all the possible ways the model can evolve, but it is a good starting point that allows us to construct the stream and the pipeline of operations with more transparency and flexibility of experimentation.

Now, let's look ...

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