HTML5 Javadoc [JEP-224]

The Javadoc tool has been updated for the Java 9 platform. It can now generate HTML 5 markup output in addition to HTML 4. The new Javadoc tool provides support for both HTML 4 and HTML 5.

HTML 4 will continue, even with the advent of the Java 9 platform, to be the default Javadoc output format. HTML 5 will be an option and will not become the default output markup format until Java 10.

The following short Java application simply generates a 319-wide by 319-high frame. It is shown here without any Javadoc tags, which we will discuss later in this section:

    /import javax.swing.JFrame;    import javax.swing.WindowConstants;    public class JavadocExample     {      public static void main(String[] args)       {        drawJFrame();      } public static ...

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