Chapter 8

Working with Packages and the New Java Module System


check Creating packages for your classes

check Archiving your packages in JAR files

check Documenting your classes with JavaDocs

check Using the Java Module System

This chapter shows you what to do with the classes you create. Specifically, I show you how to organize classes into neat packages. Packages enable you to keep your classes separate from classes in the Java API, allow you to reuse your classes in other applications, and even let you distribute your classes to others, assuming other people might be interested in your classes. If that’s the case, you probably won’t want to send those people all your separate class files. Instead, bundle them into a single file called a JAR file. That’s covered in this chapter too.

I then show you how to use a feature called JavaDocs that lets you add documentation comments to your classes. With JavaDocs, you can build professional-looking documentation pages automatically. Your friends will think you’re a real Java guru when you post your JavaDoc pages to your website.

Finally, I show ...

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