Chapter 2

Handling Events


check Understanding important event concepts

check Working with event-handling classes and interfaces

check Extending the EventHandler interface

check Using inner and anonymous classes for event handling

check Using lambda expressions for event handling

In Chapter 1 of this minibook, you examined two programs that display simple scenes that include a button and that respond when the user clicks the button. These programs respond to the event triggered when the user clicks the button by providing an event handler that’s executed when the event occurs.

In this chapter, you read more details about how event handling works in JavaFX. I discuss how events are generated and how they’re dispatched by JavaFX so that your programs can respond to them. You discover the many varieties of events that can be processed by a JavaFX program. And you figure out several programming techniques for handling JavaFX events.

Finally, in this chapter you’re introduced to the idea of property bindings, ...

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