Chapter 3

Working with TextPad


check Acquiring TextPad

check Using TextPad to edit source files

check Compiling Java programs

check Running Java programs

TextPad is an inexpensive ($27) text editor that you can integrate with the Java Development Kit (JDK) to simplify the task of coding, compiling, and running Java programs. It isn’t a true integrated development environment (IDE), as it lacks features such as integrated debugging, code generators, and drag-and-drop tools for creating graphical user interfaces.

TextPad is a popular tool for developing Java programs because of its simplicity and speed. It’s ideal for learning Java because it doesn’t generate any code for you. Writing every line of code yourself may seem like a bother, but the exercise pays off in the long run because you have a better understanding of how Java works.

Downloading and Installing TextPad

You can download a free evaluation version of TextPad from Helios Software Systems at You can use the evaluation version free of charge, but if you decide to keep the program, you must pay for it. (Helios ...

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