Chapter 7

Using Inner Classes, Anonymous Classes, and Lambda Expressions


check Using inner classes

check Creating static inner classes

check Implementing anonymous classes

check Adding lambda expressions

In this chapter, you find out how to use three advanced types of classes: inner classes, static inner classes, and anonymous inner classes. All three types are useful in certain circumstances. In particular, inner classes and anonymous inner classes are commonly used with graphical applications created with JavaFX. For more information about JavaFX, refer to Book 6. In this chapter, I concentrate on the mechanics of creating these types of classes.

You’ll also learn about a feature that was introduced with Java 8 called lambda expressions, which simplify the task of creating and using anonymous classes.

Technical stuff Once again, this chapter could have a Technical Stuff icon pasted next to every other paragraph. The immediate usefulness of some of the information I present in this chapter may seem questionable. ...

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