Java and MongoDB Rapid App Prototyping

Video description

Build a Web Application in Just One Hour!

Java and MongoDB Rapid App Prototyping demonstrates how to build a mobile-friendly coffee shop web application using AngularJS, Java, and MongoDB.

In this Developer Talk, Java engineer Trisha Gee demonstrates with live coding how to build a web application in one hour. On the front-end, she uses AngularJS, HTML5, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. On the back-end, Dropwizard, MongoDB, Morphia, Gradle, and Groovy are utilized, and Spock is used for testing.

The coffee shop web application built in this video enables users to select their coffee, place the order, and pick it up at their nearest coffee shop.

About the Instructor

Trisha Geeis a developer at MongoDB. She has expertise in Java high-performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and has a wide breadth of industry experience from the decade and a half she's been a professional developer. Twitter: @trisha_gee

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
What You Will Learn
  • How to build modern UIs using AngularJS
  • How Java can be used between the front-end and MongoDB on the back-end
  • More about MongoDB, a document database
  • How to use these tools together to rapidly prototype web applications
Who Should Take This Course
  • Developers looking for a demonstration on how to use front-end and back-end tools to rapidly prototype web applications.

Course Requirements
  • Familiarity with JavaScript and HTML5
  • Familiarity with Java
Table of Contents

Lesson 1, “Getting Started with Dropwizard,” shows how to create the skeleton architecture--a main application to run, a resource class for serving and consuming JSON, and a static HTML page for the application UI.

Lesson 2, “Getting Started with AngularJS,” covers creating a very basic AngularJS Single Page Application (SPA) to create dynamically populated drop-downs and simple text inputs.

Lesson 3, “Using Bootstrap to Create Attractive Mobile-Friendly Applications,” illustrates how to apply Bootstrap CSS to a Single Page Application. The video provides simple styling and layout guidelines to work in both browser and mobile devices.

Lesson 4, “Saving JSON Created by AngularJS to MongoDB,” takes all the pieces already in place and uses the AngularJS ngResource module to post JSON to the Java server-side resource. The video also shows how to create the server-side Java code that receives and saves JSON to the MongoDB database.

Lesson 5, “Managing Server-Side Resources Using Dropwizard,” uses Dropwizard to manage the lifecycle of resources. Developers learn how to use this to clean up connections to the database.

Lesson 6, “Using UI Bootstrap Widgets,” covers showing feedback to the user with UI Bootstrap components. The video also highlights how to create an alert after successfully saving an order while using minimal code.

Lesson 7, “Taking Advantage of MongoDB’s Dynamic Schema,” shows how to use another UI Bootstrap widget to create a typeahead field, a form field that helps the users by suggesting terms as they type. The video also demonstrates how to save dynamically created values into MongoDB.

Lesson 8, “Using the Geolocation Capabilities of HTML5 and MongoDB,” shows how to use Groovy to convert OpenStreetMap data from XML to the correct document format for MongoDB and save it to the database. The lesson also illustrates writing a Java method for querying data and using HTML5 to get a user’s current location and automatically display the results.
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Product information

  • Title: Java and MongoDB Rapid App Prototyping
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2014
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134070879