Appendix A. API Reference

This appendix is an API reference for the four lower-level Java and XML APIs covered in this book, SAX, DOM, JDOM, and JAXP. It is broken down into sections based on the API being documented.

SAX 2.0

SAX 2.0 provides a sequential look into an XML document. Detailed in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, SAX defines a set of interfaces that can be implemented and will be invoked as callbacks during the XML parsing process. The SAX packages are detailed here, with the classes and interfaces listed alphabetically. In the org.xml.sax.helpers package, most of the methods in the helper classes are implementations of interfaces already defined in the core SAX package (org.xml.sax).

Package: org.xml.sax

This package contains the core interfaces and classes for SAX 2.0. Most of the interfaces defined are intended to be implemented by you, the Java developer, with the exception of the actual XMLReader and Attributes implementation. These interfaces should be implemented by your vendor’s XML parsing software. In addition, several exceptions that SAX methods are allowed to throw are defined. Several of the interfaces defined here are part of the SAX 1.0 and 2.0 alpha distributions, and are now deprecated.

AttributeList [deprecated]

This interface was defined in SAX 1.0, and is now deprecated. The Attributes interface should be used instead of AttributeList for SAX 2.0 implementations.

public interface AttributeList { public abstract int getLength( ); public abstract String ...

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