Providing Callbacks via Interfaces


You want to provide callbacks ; that is, have unrelated classes call back into your code.


One way is to use a Java interface.


An interface is a class-like object that can contain only abstract methods and final fields. As we’ve seen, interfaces are used a lot in Java! In the standard API, the following are a few of the commonly used interfaces:

  • Runnable, Comparable, and Cloneable (in java.lang)

  • List, Set, Map, and Enumeration/Iterator (in the Collections API; see Chapter 7)

  • ActionListener, WindowListener, and others (in the AWT GUI; see Section 13.5)

  • Driver, Connection, Statement, and ResultSet (in JDBC; see Section 20.4)

  • The "remote interface” -- the contact between the client and the server -- is specified as an Interface (in RMI, CORBA, and EJB)

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