Alphabet Soup

The Java Security API is a set of packages that are used for writing secure programs in Java. In particular, the classes and interfaces in the following packages are part of the Security API:





  • javax.crypto

  • javax.crypto.interfaces

  • javax.crypto.spec

Here are the major pieces and their acronyms:


The overall design of the cryptography classes is governed by the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA). The JCA specifies design patterns and an extensible architecture for defining cryptographic concepts and algorithms. The JCA is designed to separate cryptographic concepts from implementations. The concepts are encapsulated by classes in the and javax .crypto packages. Implementations are supplied by cryptographic providers. (There’s more on this later, in the section on the provider architecture.) The JDK 1.2 comes with a default provider, named SUN, that implements a few cryptographic algorithms.


The U. S. government considers certain types of cryptographic software to be weapons and limits their export. Sun, therefore, split its cryptography classes into two groups. The first group is included in the* packages that are part of JDK 1.2. These classes can be exported without restriction. The second group, the Java Cryptography Extension, is for U.S. and Canadian distribution only. The JCE is an extension of the JCA and includes another cryptographic provider, called ...

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