A JAXB example

Let's create a Maven project to try out JAXB APIs. Select the File | Maven Project menu:

Figure 9.1: Create a Maven project for a JAXB example

Make sure that the project is configured to use JRE 1.7 or later. Let's now create two classes, Course and Teacher. We want to serialize instances of these classes to XML and back. Create these classes in the packt.jee.eclipse.jaxb.example package. Here is the source code of the Course class:

package packt.jee.eclipse.jaxb.example; //Skipped imports @XmlRootElement @XmlAccessorType(XmlAccessType.FIELD) public class Course { @XmlAttribute private int id; @XmlElement(namespace="http://packt.jee.eclipse.jaxb.example") ...

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