Chapter 15. CORBA Services Reference

The overall CORBA standard includes a rich set of object services. These services can be optionally offered by CORBA providers as part of their CORBA-compliant environments. Most vendors include a Naming Service, because it is the principal way to find CORBA objects, but the others, such as Security and Event Services, aren’t required by everyone developing CORBA-based enterprise systems, so they are often available as optional add-ons.

This quick reference for the CORBA services is just that: a quick reference, not a comprehensive one. While it’s important to understand what the CORBA services can offer, it’s beyond the scope of this book to provide a complete reference for all 17 of them. So in this reference, we’ve provided a short overview of each service, along with a few of the particulars on each, such as their principle interfaces and other services that they depend upon. If any of the services seem like a viable solution for your needs in a CORBA environment, then you can get full details on the specification for the services from the OMG. Each CORBA Service is documented as a separate specification; the current versions of these specifications are available at

Generally speaking, each of the CORBA services defines a standard, ordered, explicit way of doing things that you may be able to do otherwise, but in a non-standard, ad hoc, implicit way, using the core CORBA interfaces only. For example, you can construct a ...

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