servertool — JDK 1.4


servertool -ORBInitialPort <ns-port> [ options ] [ commands ]


The servertool is used with the orbd Naming Service to provide persistent CORBA server objects. A CORBA server registered with an orbd daemon using servertool is managed as a persistent named server. If the server object dies, the next request made of that server through orbd causes orbd to reactivate the server object using information in orbd ’s persistent store. This information is registered with orbd using servertool ’s command interface.



The given option is passed directly to the underlying Java virtual machine. There is no space between the -J and the option. For example, to run the JVM in verbose mode, use:

> servertool -J-verbose ...
-ORBInitialPort <ns-port>

Required. This is the standard CORBA property that controls the initial port used for services such as the Naming Service. Normally it’s optional for CORBA servants and tools, but the servertool requires it be specified on the command line. The default port for the Naming Service is port 900, but on some Unix variants, ports less than 1024 are restricted to root access, so you need to specify a higher port number, such as 1050. The port number specified when starting servertool should match the ORBInitialPort used to start the orbd daemon.


The following commands are executed using the servertool command line or prompt. You can specify a single command from the list on the command ...

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