This class is an extension of the Message class to represent a MIME formatted message. MimeMessage is the main Message implementation provided with the standard JavaMail distribution.

                  Returned By
public class MimeMessage extends javax.mail.Message implements MimePart {
// Public Constructors
   public MimeMessage(                                           // 1.2
        MimeMessage source) throws MessagingException;  
   public MimeMessage( javax.mail.Session session);  
   public MimeMessage(javax.mail.Session session, is) throws MessagingException;  
// Protected Constructors
   protected MimeMessage( Folder folder, int msgnum);  
   protected MimeMessage(Folder folder, is, 
        int msgnum) throws MessagingException;  
   protected MimeMessage(Folder folder, 
        InternetHeaders headers, byte[] content, 
        int msgnum) throws MessagingException;  
// Inner Classes

           public static class RecipientType extends Message.RecipientType; 
// Property Accessor Methods (by property name)
   public java.util.Enumeration getAllHeaderLines(               // Implements:MimePart
        ) throws MessagingException;  
   public java.util.Enumeration getAllHeaders(                   // Implements:Part
        ) throws MessagingException;  
   public Address[] getAllRecipients(                    // Overrides:Message
        ) throws MessagingException;  
   public Object getContent(                                     // Implements:Part
        ) throws IOExceptionMessagingException;  
   public void setContent(                                       // Implements:Part
        Multipart mp) throws MessagingException; public ...

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