RowSet extends the java.sql.ResultSet interface so that RowSet objects are JavaBeans components and can be manipulated by visual programming tools. A RowSet can be implemented on top of any JDBC-compliant ResultSet. The setCommand() method specifies what data the row set should contain (for a database generated set, this might be an SQL statement). RowSet objects can be either connected (in which case they are updated as the underlying data changes and changes to the RowSet object are reflected in the underlying data) or disconnected (in which case the RowSet represents a completely self-contained data set). The RowSet interface also allows listener objects to be associated with it, providing notifications of data updates as they occur.

                  Returned By
public interface RowSet extends java.sql.ResultSet {
// Event Registration Methods (by event name)
   public abstract void addRowSetListener(
        RowSetListener listener);  
   public abstract void removeRowSetListener(
        RowSetListener listener);  
// Property Accessor Methods (by property name)
   public abstract String getCommand();  
   public abstract void setCommand(
        String cmd) throws java.sql.SQLException;  
   public abstract void setConcurrency(
        int concurrency) throws java.sql.SQLException;  
   public abstract String getDataSourceName();  
   public abstract void setDataSourceName(
        String name) throws java.sql.SQLException;  
   public abstract boolean getEscapeProcessing ...

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