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Iuliana CosminaJava for Absolute Beginnershttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3778-6_3

3. Getting Your Feet Wet

Iuliana Cosmina1 
Edinburgh, UK
This is the last introductory chapter in the book. After this one, we get to the serious business. The previous chapter left you with a complete development environment configured for writing Java code. It is time to make use of it. The following topics are covered in this chapter:
  • Using JShell

  • Java fundamental building blocks: packages, modules, and classes

  • Creating a Java project with IntelliJ IDEA

  • Compiling and executing Java classes

  • Packing a Java application into an executable jar

  • Using Gradle to automate compiling and test execution

Using JShell

Introduced in Java 9, the Java Shell ...

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