Chapter 2

All about Software

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the roles of the software development tools

arrow Selecting the version of Java that’s right for you

arrow Preparing to write and run Java programs

The best way to get to know Java is to do Java. When you’re doing Java, you’re writing, testing, and running your own Java programs. This chapter gets you ready to do Java by describing the general software setup — the software that you must have on your computer whether you run Windows, Mac, Linux, or Joe’s Private Operating System. This chapter doesn’t describe the specific setup instructions for Windows, for a Mac, or for any other system.

ontheweb_fmt.eps For setup instructions that are specific to your system, visit this book’s website (

Quick-Start Instructions

If you’re a seasoned veteran of computers and computing (whatever that means), and if you’re too jumpy to get detailed instructions from this book’s website, you can try installing the required software by following this section’s general instructions. The instructions work for many computers, but not all. And ...

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