Chapter 17

Using Java Database Connectivity

In This Chapter

arrow Connecting to a database

arrow Inserting values into a database

arrow Making queries to a database

Whenever I teach Java to professional programmers, I always hear the same old thing. “We don’t need to make any cute little characters fly across the screen. No blinking buttons for us. We need to access databases. Yup, just show us how to write Java programs that talk to databases.”

So here it is, folks — Java Database Connectivity.

JDBC and Java DB

When I first started working with databases, my toughest problem was connecting to a database. I had written all the Java code. (Well, I had copied all the Java code from some book.) The Java part was easy. The hard part was getting my code to find the database on the system.

Part of the problem was that the way you get your code to talk to the database depends on the kind of system you have and the kind of database that you’re running on your system. The books that I was using couldn’t be too specific on all the details because the details (having nothing to do with Java) varied from one reader’s computer to another. And now I'm writing my own chapter about database connectivity. What's ...

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