1. 27.3 Distinguish between connection-oriented and connectionless network services.

  2. 27.4 How does a client determine the hostname of the client computer?

  3. 27.5 Under what circumstances would a SocketException be thrown?

  4. 27.6 How can a client get a line of text from a server?

  5. 27.7 Describe how a client connects to a server.

  6. 27.8 Describe how a server sends data to a client.

  7. 27.9 Describe how to prepare a server to receive a stream-based connection from a single client.

  8. 27.10 How does a server listen for streams-based socket connections at a port?

  9. 27.11 What determines how many connect requests from clients can wait in a queue to connect to a server?

  10. 27.12 As described in the text, what reasons might ...

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