This class represents a Kerberos ticket: a credential used to authenticate a Kerberos principal to some Kerberos-enabled network service. A Kerberos-based implementation will instantiate a KerberosTicket object and store it in the private credential set of the authenticated Subject it creates.

Figure 19-17.

public class KerberosTicket implements,, Serializable {
// Public Constructors
     public KerberosTicket(byte[ ] asn1Encoding, KerberosPrincipal client, 
        KerberosPrincipal server, byte[ ] sessionKey, 
        int keyType, boolean[ ] flags, 
        java.util.Date authTime, java.util.Date startTime, 
        java.util.Date endTime, java.util.Date renewTill,[ ] clientAddresses);  
// Public Instance Methods
     public final java.util.Date getAuthTime( );  
     public final KerberosPrincipal getClient( );  
     public final[ ] getClientAddresses( );  
     public final byte[ ] getEncoded( );  
     public final java.util.Date getEndTime( );  
     public final boolean[ ] getFlags( );  
     public final java.util.Date getRenewTill( );  
     public final KerberosPrincipal getServer( );  
     public final javax.crypto.SecretKey getSessionKey( );  
     public final int getSessionKeyType( );  
     public final java.util.Date getStartTime( );  
     public final boolean isForwardable ...

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