Chapter 8. Continuous Integration with Hudson

An Introduction to Hudson

Hudson is a relative newcomer to the Continuous Integration (CI) field. However, despite its relative youth, it is probably worth considering for any new CI projects you might be starting. Hosted by, Hudson is actively developed and maintained by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who is working for Sun Microsystems at the time of this writing. This innovative product is widely used within Sun, and is starting to build up a sizeable user base because of its ease of use and slick user interface. It has also recently been adopted by JBoss (see

In many regards, Hudson has considerably fewer features then the some of the other CI tools such as Continuum (see Chapter 5) and CruiseControl (see Chapter 6). It concentrates more on Subversion and CVS-based projects, and provides only a limited number of notification techniques. The product is still somewhat young, and a little immature, but the features it does have are extremely well thought-out, with some being quite innovative. Hudson is also extensible, and a growing collection of plug-ins are available on the Hudson web site.

Installing Hudson

Hudson is very easy to install and set up. It requires Java 5 or later. You can download the latest release from the Hudson web site ( Hudson comes bundled as a web archive (WAR) file that you can run directly using an embedded servlet container (Hudson uses the lightweight ...

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