Chapter 29. Team Communication with the Maven 2 Project Web Site[30]

The Maven 2 Project Web Site As a Communication Tool

Contributed by: Eric Redmond

Team communication is an essential part of any project. Wasting time looking for technical project information can be costly and frustrating. Clearly, any IT project will benefit from having its own dedicated technical web site. That’s where the Maven2 site generator steps in. With little effort, you can have a professional-quality, low-maintenance project web site up and running in no time. Maven lets you generate a one-stop center of information about your project, including:

  • General project information such as source repositories, defect tracking, and team members

  • Unit test and test coverage reports

  • Automatic code reviews with Checkstyle and PMD

  • Configuration and versioning information

  • Dependencies

  • Javadocs

  • Source code in indexed and cross-referenced HTML format

  • And much more

Maven sites are frequently used on open source projects. A typical project site contains information about the project, largely derived from the pom.xml file, some generated reports (unit tests, Javadocs, Checkstyle code audits, etc.), as well as some project-specific content. In this chapter, we will look at how to generate different parts of the Maven web site.

Setting Up a Maven Site Project

Your Maven site will be one of the first places that newcomers will look to get to know your project, and the project information page is the place they will expect to find a summary ...

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