Chapter 26

Java EE 6 Overview

Starting from this lesson you’ll be learning about Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE or formerly J2EE), which is a powerful, mature, and widely used platform for development of distributed applications. The word enterprise here doesn’t imply that it is only for large-scale applications. Java EE components are used for the development of everything from an application for a local pizza parlor’s website running on a five-hundred-dollar computer to a super-powerful Wall Street trading application that runs on a cluster of hundreds of interconnected servers.

This lesson is an overview of the Java EE architecture, concepts, components, and terms that will be covered in detail in the remaining lessons of this book. The goal of these lessons is to give you an understanding of how to approach the development of Java EE applications by showing you how to build small applications rather than making you read the thousand-page manuscript that would otherwise be required for detailed coverage of this subject.

There are an abundance of online materials and books published on the subject of Java EE, and when you will figure out which components are a good fit for your project, finding materials on the selected topic will not be difficult at all. My task is to help you in making that decision and getting you started in the quickest possible way. The Oracle website Java EE at a Glance is a good complement for this lesson: ...

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