Chapter 2

Getting the Tools That You Need


check Installing Java

check Downloading and installing the Android software tools

check Checking your Android Studio installation

check Getting the code in this book's examples

ergaliophile c01-openpara noun 1. A lover of tools. 2. A person who visits garage sales for rusty metal implements that might be useful someday but probably won't. 3. A person whose computer runs slowly because of the daily, indiscriminate installation of free software tools.

Several years ago, I found an enormous monkey wrench (more than a yard long and weighing 35 pounds) at a nearby garage sale. I wasn't a good plumber, and to this day any pipe that I fix starts leaking again immediately. But I couldn't resist buying this fine piece of hardware. The only problem was, my wife was sitting in the car about halfway down the street. She's much more sensible than I am about these matters, so I couldn't bring the wrench back to the car. “Put it aside and I'll come back for it later,” I told ...

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