Part II

Core Java

This part concentrates on fundamentals of Java, which are relevant for any Java interview, independent of the specifics of any job application.

Chapter 8 covers essentials of the language, and how the Java language interacts with the JVM. It highlights techniques and corner-cases that all Java developers should know and make use of regularly.
Chapter 9 is about unit testing, using JUnit. It discusses why unit testing is important, and how to use JUnit to demonstrate an upper hand in any assessment.
Chapter 10 complements Chapter 8, concentrating on the JVM, rather than the language, illustrating how you can demonstrate a thorough understanding of the platform.
Chapter 11 is about concurrency, which is often a favorite topic for interview questions: Most server-side development roles need to deal with concerns around scaling and parallel processing. This chapter looks at the tools available in the Java standard library, and also at some third-party tools.

Chapter 8

Java Basics

This chapter covers the main elements of the Java ecosystem, including the core parts of the language, specific conventions to follow, and the use of core libraries. In any interview, as a bare minimum, an interviewer would expect you to thoroughly understand these topics. Any questions similar to the ones here should be seen as introductory, and would usually be used early in an interview session, or perhaps even used as pre-interview screening questions.

A Note on the Code Samples ...

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