Appendix E. JSP Resource Reference

This appendix contains references to JSP-related products, web hosting services, and sites where you can learn more about JSP and related technologies.

JSP-Related Products

Syntax-Aware Editors

A syntax-aware editor is a text editor that color-codes programming language elements, provides automatic indentation and element completion, and more. Some examples are listed here. Most of them do not specifically support JSP syntax, but can be configured to handle JSP elements as well, and are frequently recommended on the jsp-interest mailing list:

Emacs (GNU Project),

A powerful editor that can do almost anything and runs on pretty much any platform. Emacs can be configured for mixed HTML and Java mode using the html-helper-mode.el and multi-mode.el modules. The jsp-interest mailing list archive has more details about this:

HomeSite (Allaire),

An HTML editor with support for JSP, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and more. Available for Windows only.

JPad Pro (Modelworks Software),

A Java IDE with support for editing customized HTML, for Windows only.

SlickEdit (MicroEdge, Inc.),

Supports syntax for customized HTML and many programming languages, on Windows, OS/2, and most Unix flavors, including Linux.

Web Page Authoring Tools

Web page authoring tools are What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get ...

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